Hello and Welcome!Start here photograph of Emma Dewhurst Author Your Best Creative Self. Credit: Rikard OsterlundYour Best Creative Self is a work from the heart for work-at-home creatives and creative people of all callings who want to develop their creative practice, fight the overwhelm, and thrive!

My name is Emma. I’m an actress, writer, former magazine editor and mother.

Whatever your creative discipline, I conceived Your Best Creative Self to share my lifetime’s experience in the arts to support your creative practice and live a happier, arts-infused life.

I believe that the creative life brings its own unique challenges, especially when your working base is your home. And I believe that people who choose to put creativity first need a particular kind of encouragement and support.

You can lead a creative life and thrive (yay!), but to do so you need certain tools under your belt to help you to sustain your creative spirit while dealing with the practicalities of your craft.

My own creative career has been a 30+ year adventure. For many of those years I’ve worked from home (in fact my current day job is as a work from home VA). In Your Best Creative Self I will share with you what I’ve learned along the way and I’ll be the number one cheerleader of your creative choices.

Because I understand that…

  • It can be hard to give yourself permission to believe in your own creative talents
  • It is not always easy to pursue a creative life, especially in the face of friends and family who might not understand your choices
  • People who choose to stand by their creative calling often sacrifice something to stay true to that calling, such as income, status, or peace of mind

But it doesn’t have to be like this!

  • I believe that being your best creative self makes you more productive, motivated and happy
  • I believe that by nurturing your creativity you give yourself the tools to improve the world

So what does Your Best Creative Self offer?

My aim is to bring you creative resources and useful ideas to help you through the overwhelm, keep going and thrive. Most importantly, I want you to know that you are not alone in this life you have chosen. The decision to stand by your creative calling can be a challenging one, but it is also one of the most rewarding. I know! I have lived this!

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You can start your creative journey here, now, at any time. Or perhaps you’ve already started and would like some encouragement to continue. Remember, it’s never too late to resume your creative journey.

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Emma x

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