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If you would like to give your creativity a boost and reconnect with that part of you, you might like to know about my very first online creativity course, which launched at the same time as this blog.

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Find Your Creative Heart is meant for anyone who feels they need to reconnect with their creativity and is interested in establishing, or returning to, a daily creative practice.

If you’re an artist of any discipline, or a would-be artist/creative, a hobbyist or someone who just wants to bring more creative thinking into their life, this course is for you.

What is Find Your Creative Heart about?

  • There are five sections to the course:

    1. Welcome: Preparing the Ground

      Here you learn more about the course, prepare for it with your creative notebook and make your Creative Life Contract. You’re also encouraged to download the 12 Brilliant Books for Creative Minds printable, because the books on this list are referred to throughout the course.

    2. Part One: Reconnecting with your Creative Self

      In this section you print out your Creative Life Notes download (included) and take time to fill them in and consider your creative life so far. We use your answers in the creative exercises to follow. You look at your inspirations, early encouragers, creative joys and establish who your creative mentors are (if any).

    3. Part Two: Finding Your Focus

      In the third section you look at ways to focus your creative thinking in preparation for your creative work, including creative rituals and good habits.

    4. Part Three: Growing your Creative Practice

      In Part Three you are given a daily creative practice prompt, which you will add to the creative rituals you began in Part Two, consolidating your approach towards your creative life and generating new ideas in the process.

    5. Part Four: Going Forward: Living a more Creative Life

      In this section you will brainstorm your own creative ideas, and come up with one central idea that you would like to work on after the course has ended. You will plan for that and reflect on your journey so far.

Find Your Creative Heart creativity course - what's included

What’s included in the course?

  • More than 40 separate online lectures, including videos, audio texts, slideshares and written exercises, to suit all styles of learning.
  • Downloadable worksheets and printables, including your Creative Life Contract, your Creative Life Notes (an inventory of your creative life so far from which we make further creative exercises), the list of 12 Brilliant Books for Creative Minds and creative prompt sheets.
  • Example answers from me, your tutor, to show you the way and let you into my own creative process.
  • Creative community: support from and contact with me, your tutor, via the in-built Comments. Talk about specific lectures with your fellow students, upload your work and receive feedback.
  • Six printable Inspirational Quotes about creativity, set up as rewards for you to download as you go through the course.
  • Course Bonus 1: a printable pdf of more than 50 hand-picked resources to grow your creative practice.
  • Course Bonus 2: a printable pdf of 50 Daily Creative Practice Prompts, to give you inspiration going forward.
  • Lifetime updates and self-paced learning. The course is designed to be taken over four weeks minimum. You can, of course, take as long as you like!
  • Students can monitor their progress via the percentage bar displayed at the top of the screen.

Join the wait list for the ‘beta’ version of this course:

  • Currently the ‘Find Your Creative Heart’ Creativity Course is not live. I will be launching a ‘beta’ version of the course later in 2018.
  • During this launch I will be working closely with students enrolled in the course.
  • The ‘beta’ version will be at a hugely reduced rate (the course is usually $99).
  • Join the waitlist now and I will let you know when it will run – email emma[at]

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