Hello. My name is Emma Dewhurst and I’m the author of Your Best Creative Self.

With over 30 years’ experience of a life in the arts, I’m on a mission to support work-at-home creatives and artists of all disciplines grow their creative practice and thrive.


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So who am I?

Actress; writer; magazine editor; drama workshop leader, small creative business owner and community arts practitioner: these are just some of my present and former roles.

I am also mother to a joyous, gifted thirteen-year-old (perhaps my most creative job yet); cat carer to Pushkin and Alfie and astonished newly-wed to Simon, my person, who I found, or who found me, long after I believed it was possible to put the past behind me and start again. We live in a house near the sea in the south of England.

I am a card-carrying believer in the power of creativity to change lives. If you believe what I believe, please scroll down and sign-up today for some creative joy (and some very lovely free printables).

My Creative Journey

I’m the middle child of three children, born to an actress mother and writer father. We were raised with the arts in our DNA, really, so I suppose it was inevitable that at least one of us would follow in their footsteps…

My first love was acting. At the age of seven I was cast as Scrooge in ‘A Christmas Carol’ (apparently none of the boys were up to it). With my ‘bah humbug’ and fingerless mittens, I was smitten. Seventeen years and a chequered university history later, I found myself at drama school. My acting career has been long and had its fair share of ups and downs. But goodness, it’s been good when it’s been good! I’ve acted professionally in theatre, TV and film. I still have an agent and, yes, I do still act!

Emma Dewhurst_Mrs Debenham_Rope_Photo credit: John Haynes
As Mrs Debenham in Rope, Almeida Theatre, 2010. Photo: John Haynes

A Magazine called Wow

I have always written, too, and eight years ago I found a way to do this full-time. Bright with grief after the breakdown of my first marriage, I was living as a single mother somewhere I wanted to leave but could not. I had no experience of running a business, and had never published anything in my life before but… this didn’t stop me from following a crazy dream to launch my own magazine. Wow Kent was born on 24 November 2010. Gosh, I loved that magazine. It was a free, ‘what’s on where’ arts magazine for my fantastically creative corner of the world. And it changed my life.

Cover of Wow Kent magazine

What a Learning Curve!

Talk about a steep learning curve! I fell in love with print, and with running my own business, and the local arts community. I healed my heart and learned more about my own creative process, and those of the artists I was promoting, than I had ever learned before.

Six years, two awards, one crowdfunding campaign and 65 deadlines later, I printed the magazine for the last time. I  was heart-broken to lose it, but couldn’t make the sums work, in spite of massive support.

The Gift of Love

Financial failure aside, though, the experience of Wow taught me many priceless things. It gave me an understanding of what it takes to run your own small creative business. I learned what it takes to work from home, alone. It taught me how to meet a deadline (65 punishing times!). And it gave me something else; something even more life-changing. Much to my astonishment and great personal gratitude, it gave me love. I met my second husband when I interviewed him about his play, which was about to open at the county’s biggest theatre.

To find my person after seven and a half years on my own, to be given a second life chance via my creative ventures, was extraordinary. And now that my own creative self is nurtured by this happy partnering with a fellow creative, I am even more determined to support others.

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